Feedback on GBC training from participants (Sustainable Professional/ Green Building Professional)
Participants have spoken positively about our courses.
Argo Kass, Development Programme Manager, said of our Legal and Certifications course, "The course was a useful and refreshing training about the quality and environmental certification possibilities and legal background around it".
Jaak Järvekülg, Ecologist, "The course was a good introduction to the topics, giving a valuable piece of background information in the field of green building. Knowledge on green building is surely a thing to promote.”
Client list
Participants taking part in the Baltic courses have included:
Osram (lighting), Siemens (manufacturing), IB Aksiaal (engineering), NCC (construction), Riigikinnisvara (property owner), Linstow (developer), Hendrikson & Ko (environmental consulting), 3+1 (architects), Kawe (investor and developer), YIT (construction), Knauf (building materials), BaltCap Management (investor), Passive Haus (consultant), Tallinn City, Sweco (specialists), RKAS (real estate owner), various government officials, Vealeidja, (Supervision company), Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted (Building material supplier),  among others.
The Green Building Council in Estonia has planned a series of training events which are be hosted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The courses can be attended individually or as a complete series. Once the full course schedule has been completed, the participant will receive the Standard Sustainable Professional' Certification.
Courses do not need to be completed in one year to achieve the certification, they may be taken over multiple years if preferred.
Course location (Estonia)
Courses will be run in center of Tallinn and the exact location will be announced via e-mail before every course.
Course Schedule 2016/ 2017
Sustainable Pro Course III
Financial considerations of Green Buildings
26th May
Integrating Renewables to Green Building Projects 16th June
Sustainable planning 26th Oct
LCCA and LCA – Life Cycle Analysis4th Nov
Materials and Resources
11th Nov
Sustainable Design aspects9th Dec
Managing Green Projects17th Feb
Legal Requirements and certifications
10th March
Green Building Envelopes  
Sustainable Sites 
Depending on the final demand, some courses with the same content may be combined in one location.
Course outline and trainers' background
Course details
Unless otherwise specified, participants may arrive from 09.30
Courses run as standard from 10.00 to 17.00.
The course time may differ according to the course and number of questions asked
There is a final 30 minute closed book multiple choice examination to test knowledge learned during the course. Participants are required to pass the exam to receive certification. A resit is possible at no additional cost.
The course fee includes coffee, tea, snacks, water and a sit-down lunch break.
Participants should bring pens, paper or electronic devices, calculators and a passport, driving license or other form of photo ID for examination proof of identity.
It is possible to travel from Helsinki to Tallinn and back in one day. The course is located close to the port.
Helsinki-Tallinn on Tallink (09.30 arrive, 19.30 depart)
Helsinki-Tallinn on Lindaline (09.30 arrive, 19.00 depart)
It is also possible to travel to Riga or St. Petersburg using Luxexpress on the same day as the course.
Regular flights arrive on time from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania for a one day course.
Participants include the knowledge leaders, who are interested to build a niche in the local market for sustainability as well as improve their knowledge and develop principles for sustainable design, development, renewable energy and building. Participants may include:

- architects, - engineers, - project managers
- investors, - developers, - construction professionals
- representatives of government bodies
- and other key stakeholders in the process such as lawyers, credit managers, banking specialists, real estate companies, energy companies and the professional services industry.
In addition, each course will be paired with an information session for those wishing to learn more about the current activities and membership of the Green Building Council and particularly the developing branches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Participation fees
Course OptionMember feeNon-member fee
Single Course€65€99
10 course - Standard Sustainable
Professional Accreditation
Membership of the Green Building Council starts at €595 per annum. For more information on membership of the Green Building Council, see the section on Membership.