KEN cluster activities

Development activities:

- Creation of Estonian LifeCycle Standard
- Creating description for standardised processes
- Undertaking example panning process
- Developing Smart.Connect software
- Developing Build It Smart software
- Cooperation with TTÜ
- Developing Primary energy Calculator
- Creating example panning process

Marketing Activities:

- Creating Cluster Marketing Strategy
- Creating cluster contact database
- Arranging client meetings:
      Contacting clients to introduce cluster and cluster services
      Arranging B2B meetings between clients and partners 
      Regular information letters to potential clients
- Arranging information days and seminars
- Arranging annual conference
- Developing cluster web page
- Creation of marketing materials

Internationalisation activities:

- Arranging meetings with other clusters and networks
- Arraning trainings for members on following topics:
         Sustainable planning
         Trainings related to sun panels
         Sustainable materials and resources
         Financial considerations of green buildings
         Legal requirements and certifications
         Sustainable Building Envelopes