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August 2018
Press release (Estonian)
June 2018Press release (Estonian):
Bad internal climate does not kill instantly, but slowly
May 2018Press release (Estonian):
Latvians are keeping their good shape, Estonians are losing the battle
April 2018Press release (Estonian):
Vilnius is making green building certifications mandatory
March 2018Press release (Estonian):
Possible restart for Estonia
Sustainability should a goal in Estonia
February 2018Press release (Estonian):
Sustainable life cycle approach benefits the developer as well as the local municipality
January 2018Press release (Estonian):
Can a bad internal climate of a building kill?
Kuido Merits: how to measure sustainability?
Sustainable architecture is the only way for populated cities
November 2017Press release (Estonian):
KEN cluster has attracted development projects to Estonia worth €130 millions
October 2017Press release (Estonian):
Construction field needs certification
 February 2017GBC will hold a course on topic „Managing Green Building Projects“ to spread knowledge and efficient work practices in an environment of environmental legislation, strict building regulations and customers/investors environmental awareness. This helps build our members’ competitive advantage through knowledge to become market leaders.
January 2017GBC KEN cluster started developing a new software program Build.it.Smart, which will provide members with unique and non-imitable competitive advantage in planning, designing, developing and operating an optimal indoor climate, energy effiiency and cost effectiveness of a building. This will help partner companies to improve quality of their works and save time and money.
December 2016GBC KEN cluster in cooperation with TTÜ arranged a seminar on topic „Sun and Sun Geometry; Passive cooling“. This course intended to provide members with useful knowledge to give them a competitive advantage over other market participants.
December 2016GBC initiated a consortium of leading companies to participate in the Rail Baltica project. As a consortium we can ensure, that financial benefits and jobs could be done by companies in our region.
September 2016GBC KEN cluster participated as a jury member in a competition in Riga „Ilgtspējīgākā ēka un projekts 2016” (Sustainable construction and design 2016). Estonia is active in enhancing Baltic cooperation and training construction companies to be able to adapt to regulations and market demands.
November 2016GBC in cooperation with Hendrikson & Ko arranged an expert training for Estonian municipalities regarding new changes in the planning law and sustainable planning techniques.
June 2016 GBC KEN cluster started creation of a new interactive software Smart.Connect to build a strong Estonian brand in the Sustainable real estate and renewable energy sector. It will facilitate easier marketing and new business development for our members. KEN cluster allows clients to optimise profitability during the full sustainable lifecycle of a building, from initial investment to end-of-use. This approach helps clients to save time and money by being able to source all needed services from one place, a one-stop-shop. Smart Connect will help clients to work with our members, their references and contacts necessary parties in an easy way.
March 2016Sustainable real estate and energy cluster received EAS funding to develop the KEN cluster (real estate and sustainable energy cluster). GBC is the initiator for the cluster and during this time we aim to give our partners non-imitable competitive advantage through new developed software, joint marketing and specifically focused cooperation private and public sector.
May 2015GBC launches Ipad version of the Internal Environment survey, for more details, info@gbc.ee
Apr 2015GBC training program attracts participants from Latvia and lecturers from around Europe. For more, send an email to info@gbc.ee 
Feb 2015
2015 is Internal Environment year with Estonia GBC
80% of you life is spent in buildings - our focus this year is on improving the internal environment for more productivity, less sickness, more healthy and pleasant working and living environment
November 2014GBC member 3+1 wins Tallinn City design competition
November 2014The Kinnisvara-Energia Noukogu (KEN) Cluster subsidy application continues: goal to bring together over 100+ organisations in and connected to the real estate and energy markets to develop new export business, drive innovation in automatiseering, sustainability and low-cost, low-energy planning, design, construction and operation
September 2014
On the 12th September 2014 "Quality and Sustainability Forum 2014" is taking place in Tallinn
Click here for more details
February 2014
Article in Äripäev/Ehitaja Januar/February 2014 (Estonian):
Press release (Estonian):
Press release (Estonian):
Press release (Estonian):
For better, healthier and greener buildings and planet

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