The Estonian GBC drives a better world by reducing climate change, improving living and working conditions and eliminating environmental damage in the renewable energy, construction and associated service/product industries.

Eesti GBC is managed by a group of leading industry professionals in fields such as law, architecture, construction, professional services, finance and other industries connected to the renewable energy, sustainable development, planning, design and construction fields.

We share knowledge with GBCs in Scandinavia, Central and Western Europe and the rest of the world, giving members the chance to be a part of, share knowledge with and promote their products and services to members in other countries at low cost.

Eesti GBC goals to reduce climate change, improve living/working conditions and the environment:

1. Cooperation and finance

  • Developing contact and cooperation networks abroad and inside Estonia
  • Attracting and developing new projects
  • Facilitating investment to improve climate
  • Reducing the cost of planning, construction and operation of buildings and projects through sustainable innovation
  • Increasing options and products available for financing low energy, sustainable, higher quality projects

2. Quality & Innovation

  •  IT and automatiseering during feasibility, planning, design, construction and operation (e.g. LCC/LCA, BIM, building automatiseering, intelligent building systems)
  • Professional quality, certification, auditing and standards
  • Guiding innovation in real estate and energy sectors
  • Supporting improvements in the project and development lifecycle
  • Enhancing the quality of the Internal living and working environment for improved health, longer life and increased economic productivity
  • Introducing practical and cost-effective sustainable improvement
  • Designing out waste, re-use and recycling, reducing site waste, reducing operational waste
  • Renewable energy (wind, biomass, geothermal, solar)
  • Acting as a one-stop-shop and contact point for new and innovative activities in real estate and energy industries

3. Law

  • Making the business and regulatory environment more attractive for investment to improve climate
  • Encouraging the proactive use of law and industry self-regulation
  • Lobbying for an improved regulatory environment in Estonia
  • Acting as a platform for business to present government with an industry-wide viewpoint and requirements
  • Monitor and support ministries and government in implementing EU and other regulation in practice